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Studio JOB

  • Nationality

    Dutch - Belgian

  • Distinguishing features

    EDIDA YOUNG DESIGN TALENT 2005, Studio Job are a designer duo who play with medieval ideas, always on the borderline between art and design.

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Soulmates Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel founded Studio Job in 2000. Traditional and modern techniques are combined in their renaissance style to produce once-in-a-lifetime objects. In Studio Job, craftsmanship takes precendence over quantity and elaborate designs are favoured over middle-of-the road products. They started the studio after graduating from the Dutch Design Academy in Eindhoven and have since developed into contemporary pioneers of personal expression. Technique, science and ornamental designs come together in Studio Job’s examples of Gesamtkunstwerk, from traditional craftsmen such as sculptors, furniture makers, painters and specialists in casting bronze or making stained-glass windows to modern professionals who are adept with lasers and 3D printing. Works by Studio Job can be found in more than forty museums around the world.

Edida products awards

Paper Chandelier
Paper Chandelier © Press picture

Paper Chandelier

  • Lighting
  • 2007
Biscuit Collection
Biscuit Collection © Photo M. AUKES

Biscuit Collection

  • Tableware
  • 2007
Archives Wallpaper
Archives Wallpaper ©Adriano Brusaferri

Archives Wallpaper

  • Wall covering
  • 2015
  • NLXL
Perished Persian
Perished Persian © Press picture

Perished Persian

  • Floor covering
  • 2011
Job Cabinet
Job Cabinet © Press picture

Job Cabinet

  • Furniture
  • 2012