The first pictures from the EDIDA Awards Ceremony 2017

On Thursday 6th April 2017, over 400 special guests from the international design community attended the ELLE DECO International Design Awards (EDIDA) ceremony in Milan, Italy. More pictures and the film of the evening soon to come.


The ELLE DECO International Design Awards (EDIDA) has been considered as the 'Oscars' of the design world. This 15th annual awards ceremony was celebrated once again during the Salone del Mobile, the world’s largest interior design fair, taking place in Milan each year.

Hosted at the UniCredit Pavillion, designed by Michele De Lucchi, the EDIDA awards recognizes the achievements of the world’s top designers and design companies. EDIDA guests were in the presence of the epitomy of the international design community and the editors-in-chief of the 25 ELLE Decoration editions, gathered in Milan for the occasion.

The winners for 2017 were announced across 13 categories, including NERI&HU, awarded with "Designer of the Year" and Matteo Cibic who was named "Young Design Talent of the Year".

Installations of the French digital artist Miguel Chevallier enchanced the night, with his artworks projected during the cocktail party and on stage. After the ceremony, the winners and guests were invited to celebrate with a cocktail party, hosted by the French champagne house, Veuve Clicquot.

See full list of the winners HERE

Neri&Hu receive their 'Designer of the Year' EDIDA trophy from the Editors-in-chief of the ELLE Decoration international editions.

““The EDIDA award “Designers of the Year” really means a lot to us, especially coming from a country that is known for fakes, known for copying. We are really moved, because we realize that perhaps we are the pioneers, but that there are many emerging voices coming out. And we want to tell the world that China is trying to change, and we are working for this change. Although it’s hard, there is a great future for design in China. And we are truly humbled and honoured by this particular award”. Neri&Hu – 2017 EDIDA winner, Designers of the Year.

Matteo Cibic receives the "Young Design Talent" EDIDA trophy from Livia Peraldo, Editor-in-chief of ELLE Decor Italy.

Carole Baijings from the design duo Scholten&Baijings, Ryuko Kida, Brand Manager of ELLE Decor Japan, and Shigenori Hamaguchi, Editor-in-chief of ELLE Decor Japan on stage, awaiting the rest of the team of the 16 designers to receive the EDIDA award Tableware for the ARITA 2016/ project.

“The prize that we won today means a lot to us. It’s the second time now, the first time was in 2012 with the “ARITA 1616/ Color Porcelain”. It had a huge impact on the ARITA brand, and also for the small village of Arita In Japan. Now, this second award is just the extra push these passionate people need, they have invested themselves so much in the brand, in the possibilities of the moulds, bringing in the designers… It’s a huge compliment and I’m really happy for us, for them, for everyone involved in this project”. Scholten&Baijings – EDIDA 2017 winner with the team of 16 designers, in the 'Tableware' category for ARITA 2016/

Leon Sun, Editor-in-Chief of ELLE Decoration China with Hélène Dubrule, Director of Hermès Maison.

“This year, it’s the first Chinese designers to win the EDIDA award “Designers of the Year”’. It’s a tremendous help for the Chinese market and for its designers, to know that we can! And in the future, I wish more and more Chinese designers can come here and let the world discover their design”. Leon Sun - Editor-in-Chief of ELLE Decoration China.

Lorenzo Porro, Marketing Director at Porro, Alessandro Sarfatti, CEO and owner of ASTEP and Francisco Gomez Paz, EDIDA 2017 winner in the category 'Lightning' .

“I am really honoured and happy to receive this award. It’s my first time. I’m happy because it’s a product which is a result of a strong friendship with Alessandro Sarfatti, owner of Astep. A result of so many years working together. Aand now, with his new company, we’re trying to do innovative products with a large part of poetry, trying to play with fire and with light, important elements of the universe. So I’m really really happy, and honoured”. Francisco Gomez Paz – EDIDA 2017 winner, Lighting category.

“I think in a time as we have seen today, at the Fair and and also at the Fuori Salone, where there is such a broad and huge variety of things; furniture, accessories, architectural installations, I think the EDIDA Awards really helps. Not only to curate, among journalists and among the branch people, but also, since we publish the winners, it also helps our readers to orientate themselves. Things that are valid, things that are good. Because in the decoration and interior business there is as much or nearly as much choice as in fashion. People are really lost, there is such a huge amount of things. So I think the EDIDA awards definitely helps, and that makes it exciting, We have met with a lot of people who were nominated for this award and they are all excited about it, so I think it’s a really nice thing that we are doing together”. Sabine Nedelchev – Editor-in-Chief of ELLE Decoration Germany.

The winners and guests celebrated with a cocktail, hosted by the French champagne house, Veuve Clicquot. The digital artist Miguel Chevalier projected his artwork against large screens.

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