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    YOUNG DESIGN TALENT OF THE YEAR 2022, this Polish designer uses craft and technology to embed fragments of nature in transparent resin, creating a magnifying glass to explore our relationship with objects and nature.

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Immersed in today’s world, forward-looking but with one eye still on the past. The romantic ambition of the 35- year-old Polish designer is to imbue objects with the spirit of our time. His path of contemporary experimentation combines attention to the natural world and organic matter with the crystallisation of time passing by. His items, furnishings and installations are made of biological materials such as flowers, shellac, beeswax and resin, sometimes even flour, sugar or sand. Using craftsmanship and technological tools, he embeds fragments of nature – petals, leaves and roots –in the transparent resin of his objects, not only for decorative purposes but also to retain their organic qualities and beauty.
“To make it”, as he declares in his manifesto, “an experience in which impermanence, change and chance are celebrated”. His work is a magnifying glass through which to look at the world and our relationship with objects and nature. This personal quest generates fascinating and poetic items and furnishings.

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