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    Formafantasma is a research-focused design studio in Milan and Rotterdam, renowned for its innovative projects that blend ecological and historical insights, attracting global clients like Lexus and Hermes and shaping the future of design.

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Formafantasma, founded in 2009 by Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin, is a Milan and Rotterdam-based design studio known for its research-driven approach to design. The studio focuses on understanding and transforming our natural and built environments through the lens of ecological, historical, political, and social forces. Formafantasma engages with a variety of design typologies, including product and spatial design, strategic planning, and consultancy, applying meticulous consideration to context, process, and detail regardless of the project.

Their innovative vision has attracted a diverse range of international clients, such as Rubelli, Lexus, Flos, Prada, Max Mara, Hermes, and many others, showcasing their ability to navigate complex design challenges across culture, society, and industry. Formafantasma's work is characterized by its transformative interventions, utilizing design’s material, technical, and social capabilities to propose meaningful solutions. This approach has established the studio as a leader in contemporary design, influencing the discipline and its future direction.

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