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    The objects and spaces created by Jacopo Foggini, focused around methacrylate, project the liveliness and strength of color and light.

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Jacopo Foggini was born in Turin and currently lives and works in Milan. From an early age he showed a strong interest in methacrylate, a material he approached thanks to his family business in the plastic industry. Foggini started experimenting with these thermoplastic resins, using them for something other than their main application. Today he creates unique pieces and luminous and evocative installations that overcome the dichotomy of art and design.

The chemical and physical qualities of this material offer Foggini the opportunity to widen his research to a different design language and new forms. His work evokes the shapes of nature and takes inspiration from the past and from the memories of his daily life.

After his debut in 1997 with an installation in Romeo Gigli’s space in Milan, the stages of his career have been marked by projects and exhibitions in several galleries, museums, and institutions around the world.

The two main inspirations behind his chandelier collections are the magic of childhood and the resemblance between molten methacrylate and antique glass.

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