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    Her projects always start with the material, a sector in which she likes to experiment and innovate.


Eileen started studying textiles in 1998 at Glasgow School of Art in her early thirties. Throughout her life she sketched what was around her and has always been most influenced by materials. Whilst at Glasgow School of Art, Eileen had the idea of juxtaposing the rough with the smooth, inspired by the derelict buildings in the City at the time. She was drawn to the texture, layers and restless mood of these places and would carefully track down and photograph striking vistas to then print onto expensive silk, hand-quilt it and finally apply beautiful bright sequins and pearls to selected areas.
Later, she flipped the concept and applied images of rich antique Persian rugs and Kilims onto concrete blocks. The result was a unique and captivating combination of texture, luxury and history encapsulated in industrial modernity. Subsequent to this she then created a collection of 32 heavily decorated textured tiles that quickly went on to become Eileen’s smash hit, and are now a timeless classic.The tiles are a testament to her inate ability to translate the possibility of contradiction into reality, through creativity, imagination, grit and hard work.

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Decorated Concrete Tiles
Decorated Concrete Tiles © Clare R Gardner

Decorated Concrete Tiles

  • Floor covering
  • 2006