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    Matteo Cibic is a creative company based in Milan and Vicenza in Italy. In the past 10 years Matteo Cibic and his team has developed products and creative ideas for international companies, private collectors and cultural institutions.

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His way of working is to delve into worlds that are far apart: like the world of glamour of One backpacks for Obag, or the world of contemporary eclecticism of the Bonotto Editions collections, the Italian manufacturer that produces clothing fabrics. Always driven by a curiosity for materials and artisan production techniques, Cibic — born in 1983 — feeds on influences from diverse disciplines and cultures. His ductile approach moves between marquetry in bone and resin, as seen in the Scarlet Splendour series of furniture, an Indian luxury brand, and sheets of iridescent textile like those used to coat the TIM towers in Rome. Projects produced and designed in a “funny” way, an amusing and relaxed way of doing design. A little like what happens for Secondome or Paola C. furnishings: imaginary creatures in the strangest shapes that seem to have escaped from a 3D fantasy film.

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