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    Established in Austria in 1896, Wittmann shows character without being intrusive: something special with charm that can be introduced with easy confidence when necessary.

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It all started with a saddlery in the rural Kamptal between Wachau and Vienna. The focus: horses and riders, leather and craftsmanship. When modern times lead to the disappearance of the horse as a work animal, Franz Wittmann realised a visionary change: From leather to upholstery craft, from saddle to seating furniture – from that point on he developed and produced chairs, sofas, stools and beds. It is perhaps from Hoffmann’s designs that you can most clearly recognise what makes a “genuine Wittmann.”
The handcrafted production at the manufactory in Etsdorf, high standards of quality, as well as incomparable seating comfort remain the unchanging foundations of the company. Over the years, great designers have created for Wittmann: Paolo Piva, Hannes Wettstein, Matteo Thun, Jean Nouvel. The cooperation with the exceptional Spanish designer Jaime Hayon is another step on the path that the company has steadily followed for 120 years. The new collection “Wittmann Hayon Workshop” combines craftsmanship with quality, character with outstanding comfort – all in keeping with the vision of Josef Hoffmann.


Wings Bed

Wings Bed

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  • 2018
  • Jaime HAYON