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    Belgian based design brand, Serax collaborates with international designers and craftsmen to create contemporary homeware based on quality and functionality.

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To expand their mother's flower pot business, Serax was founded in 1986 by the brothers Axel and Serge Van Den Bossche. Over the past decades the family business has grown into a multi category brand. Today, Axel Van Den Bossche is still at the helm, and despite the strong growth of the company, the family character and passion of the early pioneering years remain the driving force.

Designed in Europe, and manufactured all over the world, Serax develops objects that contribute to the creation of unique living environments. All collections – from tableware, glassware and accessories to furniture and lighting – were imagined by both established designers and new talent, who have a strong vision and an original signature in common. Their designs are manufactured by skilled craftsmen from different regions around the world.

Serax’s collections never lose sight of the core philosophy of accessibility, quality and functionality. Ever since the first tableware launch, in collaboration with artist and ceramist Roos Van De Velde, Serax has established itself within the world of Michelin star chefs and hobby chefs at home alike, enriching dining experience to an elevated level.




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