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    India's signature is a balanced mix and match of patterns, colors and textures. It might seem to be almost clashing, and yet the overall feel is harmonious. She likes materials that express contrasts: warm/cold, feminine/masculine... The way she assembles them is her signature.

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Architect and designer, India Mahdavi is based in Paris. Her studio, created in 2000, is known for the diversity of its international projects which explore the fields of architecture, interior design, scenography, furniture and object design.
She likes to define herself as polychrome and polyglot. Settled on one street in Paris, rue Las Cases, India Mahdavi has created a very unique environment combining a modern sense of comfort and elegance with color and humour. A cross-cultured art de vivre. For the very first collaboration with Bizazza, India Mahdavi has designed a collection of 8 contemporary cement tiles which she could use in her own interior projects. The collection offers endless combinations of striking patterns and unusual colors which are part of her signature.
Each tile is like a component of a visual alphabet. Before you know it, a conversation is being had.

Edida products awards

Cementiles ©Frederico CEDRONE (photography) & Elisa OSSINO Studio (styling)


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  • 2016